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Day 1 Workshops

Join us on Day 1 of the mNIRS 2024 conference, set for September 9th at the University of Essex. This day is tailored for coaches, practitioners, and researchers alike, offering a series of hands-on workshops led by leading NIRS manufacturers.

The gold-level sponsors for the mNIRS 2024 event, and delivering individual workshops throughout the day include:

  • MOXY Monitor

  • Artinis Medical Systems

  • Train Red




These sessions are designed to not only provide practical training in the latest NIRS hardware and software but also to delve into the latest research applications of muscle oxygenation. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into how NIRS can be effectively integrated into both clinical practice and research settings to enhance athletic performance and advance health outcomes. This is a unique opportunity to engage directly with experts, learn cutting-edge techniques, and discuss innovative research methodologies with peers from around the world. Don't miss out on the chance to broaden your understanding and apply NIRS technology in new and impactful ways.

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