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Due to the number of abstracts submitted, all presentation sessions are full.

For all queries please get in touch with


Standard Ticket includes:

  • Conference attendance (9th and 10th Sept)

    • Day 1 Workshops + Keynote session​

    • Day 2 Plenary, Oral, Poster and Roundtable sessions

  • Drinks refreshments (9th and 10th Sept)

  • Conference dinner (9th Sept) onsite at historic Wivenhoe House 

  • Lunch (10th Sept)


Day 1 Practitioner Workshops 

  • Conference attendance (9th Sept)

    • Day 1 Workshops + Keynote session

  • Drinks refreshments (9th Sept)

  • Conference dinner (9th Sept)  (optional add-on)

Standard Ticket - £150.00

Standard Student Ticket - £100.00

Why mNIRS 2024?

Speakers. Networking. Technology.

Why mNIRS 2024?


Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been used to measure muscle oxygenation non-invasively for over 30 years, informing on blood flow and oxygen consumption in sport, health and disease. The recent advent of reliable, cheap, wearable devices has led to a period of rapid expansion in the mNIRS field. End users are no longer solely academic researchers. Athletes interested in enhancing performance and healthcare professionals interested in well-being have entered the field. Currently, academics and practitioners predominantly present at conferences with very little NIRS content. We feel the time is right to launch a conference dedicated solely to mNIRS in all its aspects, where manufacturers, physiologists, sports scientists and clinical researchers can interact, learn from each other and share best practice. Hence mNIRS 2024 .


Day 1 will include practical discussions using real-world demonstrations. Day 2 will focus on presentations around the three themes of the meeting: method development, health and sports. Posters will be given a special focus with all presenters advertising their work via a one-minute flash presentation to the whole conference immediately before the session. The meeting will end with a round table discussion of the future direction of mNIRS.



Keynote Speaker:

Professor Kevin McCully

Department of Kinesiology

University of Georgia

Title: Muscle oxygenation and its use to study mitochondrial capacity

Plenary Speakers

Sport and Exercise:

Professor Stephane Perrey,

Faculte des Sciences du Sport,  

Universite de Montpellier

Title: Monitoring in sport has changed: time to consider muscle oxygenation


NIRS Developments:

Professor Maria Angela Franceschini

Massachusetts General Hospital,
Harvard Medical School

Title: Advanced NIRS technology for Comprehensive Muscle Physiology Assessment

mari_2019 copy.jpeg

Health and Wellness:

Dr. Siana Jones,

Senior Research Fellow in Population Science & Experimental Medicine,

University College London

Title: mNIRS in health care and observational cohort studies


Invited Speakers: 

Dr. Simone Porcelli

University of Pavia

Title: The last steps of oxygen cascade: oxygen diffusion and utilization at skeletal muscle level estimated by NIRS


Dr. Alfred Nimmerichter

University of Applied Sciences - Austria

Title: Muscle deoxygenation profiles to assess exercise intensity domains


International Scientific Advisory Group

Professor Patrick Neary

University of Regina

Professor  Valentina Quaresima

Professor  Takafumi Hamaoka

Tokyo Medical University

Professor Andrew Jones

University of Exeter

Professor  Stephane Perrey

Dr Siana Jones

University College London

Professor Graham Kemp

University of Liverpool

Dr Mireille van Beekvelt

Norwegian Technical University

Professor Kevin McCully

University of Georgia

Professor Thomas Barstow

Kansas State University

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Conference Highlights


Join our interactive workshops to gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in muscle near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology. Our expert speakers will guide you through practical applications, data analysis techniques, and case studies. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with fellow enthusiasts.

Panel Discussion

Engage in thought-provoking panel discussions led by industry leaders and researchers. Explore the challenges and opportunities in the field of muscle NIRS, and gain valuable perspectives from experts across different disciplines. Participate in lively debates and contribute to shaping the future of muscle NIRS research.

Networking Events

Make meaningful connections with professionals and researchers in the field of muscle NIRS through our networking events. Exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. Expand your professional network and create opportunities for future collaborations.

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